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Moving is stressful. No matter how far you are moving or the size of your home, at some point everyone starts to worry as Moving Day gets closer. Don’t panic! We’ve seen it all at Old School Moving & Storage. Read the following tips. They will help your move go smoothly.

Get a Cost Estimate

Knowing what you will pay long before the move helps you budget better and manage expenses. Professional movers should offer a free estimate on the cost for your move. Old School Moving & Storage offers a free in-home estimate price before moving day. That way, there are no last-minute price surprises (something many scam moving companies do).

Start To Declutter Early

For the move to go well, you will have to sort through everything you have. Scary, right? Not if you take it a little bit at a time. Try to do a room a week in the months before the move, getting rid of items you don’t need. You can hold a garage sale, give items to friends or donate to charities. Whatever you do, don’t put anything on the moving truck unless you know you will need it.

Get Organized For Packing

Once you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t need, then it’s time to organize the packing. If you hire a full-service, professional moving company like Old School, you will have the option of letting the pros pack for you. If you pack on your own, they will give you all the boxes, tape and other moving tools and materials you need.

Mark Every Box Clearly

Make sure each box is clearly marked for where it goes (kitchen, bedroom, den, etc.) Use small boxes for heavier items. Make sure you have a staging area in your home where you can stack boxes for easy removal from the home. On the other end, know where you want boxes and furniture placed in your new home.

Get Insurance

Moving companies are required to offer liability insurance, but it covers damaged or lost items by repaying you so much per pound. Professional movers will offer you third-party insurance that gives you a higher level of coverage for your belongings. Don’t buy a higher level of insurance from movers – moving companies are not insurance companies. But they should have a third party you can contact.

Change Of Address

Week before the move, make sure to let everyone know that you will soon have a new address. This includes business associates, friends, family and the cable, internet, heat and electricity companies. Also, notify the post office of the change so they can forward mail to your new home.

Get The Services You Need

Going with a professional moving service is a good use of your money. It can save you many hours and help you avoid any move-related injuries. But it only helps if you get the services you need.

They should include:

  • An in-home, free estimate
  • Packing materials
  • packing services
  • Information on third-party insurance
  • Light furniture disassembly and reassembly (such as beds)
  • Secure storage if needed

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