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While the pandemic is spreading across the country But many are taking care of their well-being during the transition. One of the best protection (In addition to wearing a mask) from the virus is to sterilize things. You may want to sterilize both houses while moving for other reasons as well. Maybe you don’t know who will live in the house or that you will be more comfortable after doing so. However, this will require some effort and prior knowledge. You have to organize your processes well in order to adapt them to your busy schedule. Fortunately, your professional service provider, Fort Lauderdale, is here to assist you. In today’s article, we will look at some of the essential steps you will need to take. Read on to learn more.

Make sure you are ready to sterilize both homes when moving.

One of the worst things that could happen is the reluctance to disinfect and disinfect the house the day goes by. The process of moving home is quite chaotic. You may feel like losing your head several times in between. So you won’t have time to go to the store, buy the device and start sterilizing.

So make sure supplies are with you when moving into your new home. Fortunately, you don’t need much. It is much easier to kill Covid-19 compared to other viruses that bother us every year. Even simple home products and cleaning agents can do it. Check the EPA’s site for the list of disinfectants, and you should be good to go. You can also prepare the solution at home using a diluted alcohol or bleach solution. You’ll also need a hand sanitizer for you and a moving device, soap and paper towels, gloves, and a mask.

However, it is important to note that you speak with Hollandale Coast Airlines about what they will pass on to them and what you need to do yourself. Most carriers will refuse to transport flammable materials and disinfectants can be easily classified. Don’t make anyone in trouble knowing what you will go through alone before you move. That way, you will be ready when the airline arrives.

A high contact surface should be your top priority.

When you arrive at your new home, questions will become your top priority. Usually the “most dangerous” area is the one you want to sterilize first. And this is the surface with the highest exposure. In other words, these are the things you and others experience most often. If a person has a virus, they can take it in their hands and leave it on those surfaces. You can then easily pick it up by touching a surface and then insert it into your body by touching your face. And the chances of that happening are higher when it comes to the surfaces that many people touch. So these should be your first destination. Disinfect surfaces such as:

  • Handles and knobs;
  • Tables and chairs;
  • Power switch;
  • Touch screen tablets, phones and similar electronic devices.

There are other things to consider and sterilize first. This includes stairs and handrails, as many people touch them when using your stairs, including your floors and trash. A mop should be light enough to sterilize if there is no carpet covering it. If there are carpets, you will need to thoroughly clean your house to disinfect them completely.

How to protect your leader on the day of the movement

Many people have mobility concerns, including questions about how to behave when moving home. However, you should take care of your local airline and keep safety in mind. Of course, hiring a professional moving company means that they will work to the safety of everyone involved in the process. But there are things you can do to help too.

For starters, the CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds to clean. However, this is not always possible on the day of movement. Fortunately, you can use an alcohol-based disinfectant. Just make sure he has at least 60 percent alcohol in the recipe. They were left at the entrance for people to use when they entered the house.

Another thing you can do is leave the door open in the corridor. This has to do with what we’ve talked about high-touch surfaces. In general, you can reduce the risk by people who do not touch the surface. Hence, having your carrier not touching the door handle will make sure you can sterilize it more easily later. However, the safety of your home should be taken into account when making this decision. Have someone sit by the door so he can keep an eye on him and not let strangers enter your home on an exciting day.


And what about the boxes?

Another big concern that many people have is the boxes and equipment they use. How long can a virus last in them? Do you need to see this as a high-contact surface as well? The New England Journal of Medicine has published a study suggesting that the virus can remain on cardboard for up to 24 hours while remaining on plastic and steel for up to 72 hours.

For this reason you will need to wipe the cardboard surfaces and plastic bins with disinfectant before continuing to open them. This way, you can kill bacteria and stop the spread of the infection. When you have finished unloading and removing cardboard from your home, be sure to wash your hands and also disinfect them. Then proceeded as if to sterilize the two houses while moving.

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